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Thread: Lautenberg Amendment against miniors

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    Lautenberg Amendment against miniors

    My son 16yrs old at the time of offense was charged with Misdemeanor battery domestic violence (punching only) against his 29 yr old brother,
    he was given a diversion plan and completed it. 3years later I find out that he can no longer own or posses a firearm under the
    Lautenberg Amendment at least that is the way I read it.
    So my question is? does this law apply to Juvenal charges as well as adults and if so how can this be legal.
    He pled no contest and the charges were to be adjudication of guilt was withheld.

    below is a link to the Florida Dept. of law that says this. Please help clarify this for me, Thank You
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    A true diversion plan (PTD) involves no plea at all, and a Nolle Prosequi from the state once the plan has been completed. While this should have certainly been the case here, It wasn't, and your son was led into accepting a plea. If you are still within the proper time constraints, there is a much nicer shortcut to the expunction process that applies specifically to juveniles who have completed juvenile "diversion." it is linked here:

    This is a totally raw deal, so good luck and let me know if I can help.

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