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Thread: Corvallis OC

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    Corvallis OC

    I have recently been increasing my OC time outside known places here in Corvallis, and would like to inquire as to the atmosphere (so as to know what to expect). I will be shipping out shortly, and as such would like to avoid any undue legal attention. Any recommended "steer-clear" zones in this college town? Also, any measure on the police's feelings towards OC? I have talked with a few Corvallis ex-cops that are strongly conservative and supportive of gun rights, but I've also heard the stories of people being arrested for simply not showing ID when stopped.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    I've been OCing in Corvallis (downtown area) for the past couple of months. I've had exactly one negative encounter (from a bouncer at the Peacock who said it was like carrying a nuke around) and one police encounter (last weekend actually) which was annoying but the officer didn't detain me and when I refused to identify myself he was cool with it. Most people don't notice, the few that do rarely say anything directly to me. Overall it's entirely uneventful like it should be.

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    I would think OSU is friendly as they have a rifle and pistol team. If you encounter a problem, I don't think the university would be the source. You can look up the other one.
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