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Thread: Encounter in Corvallis

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    Encounter in Corvallis

    Those of you who live in or near this Vegas of Corn have probably noticed (and flipped off) the group of protestors who have nothing better to do but accost people walking in downtown who happen across the courthouse. Holding signs with such idioms (no pun intended) as "guns = dead kids", I knew it was going to be an interesting day as I turned the corner yesterday, 9/11 no less, OC'ing my Glock 19.

    First off, some background. I am in my early twenties, active duty Army, and wear dress shirts and slacks most days. Being military I am cleanly shaven and (in my opinion at least) well mannered. I have a low profile Galco Matrix holster for my 19 that is very visible, but not at all in your face. Walking with me was my (to be) wife, who was not carrying.

    As I approached these middle-aged hippies, one leaning on a van (which, as I noticed later, was illegally parked for who-knows how long) turned and took an overly exaggerated double-take as, I assume, his small drug-addled brain took in what was on my right hip. Within seconds the majority of his little gang had turned and was attempting to process what they were seeing: a young, white male, exercising his right to carry a loaded weapon for self-defense. AKA, an American.

    The first to talk was the one who initially spotted me, though I'm not altogether sure what he did could be classified as "talking". It was more like sputtering noises that eventually assembled themselves into a sentence that would have been eloquent for a toddler, but not quite satisfactory for anyone not currently pooing themselves at the time. As far as I can figure, he said something to the tune of "how dare you bring THAT here!" While deciphering what had just been said (again, using the word loosely here), an angry woman behind him thrust her sign at me, as if to cast out a demon, while the man in front followed suit.

    This created a problem. For while I am a college-educated man who considers myself to be at least somewhat literate, I could not read the text printed in sloppy Sharpie on the signs: it was in Arabic.

    Now, regardless of what transpired in the moments following that discovery (in a nutshell, we walked by as they looked on with small-mind-induced anger and occasional bouts of, *hrmph!*'s) what struck me was the signs. And while I forget what was written in english below the arabic characters, it enrages me nonetheless.

    Yesterday was 9/11/11, exactly 10 years since Islamic terrorists boarded plains and killed nearly 3,000 innocent Americans. Just 10 years from the worst attack on American soil since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But as the rest of the nation remembered those loved and lost, these Liberals protested God and country by holding signs with the language that was spoken in planning, preparing, and committing these attacks.

    [...] I chose to share my story here, for true Americans to marvel at. And for those of you that drive through Corvallis regularly and have seen the protestors, next time you see them, flip them the bird for me.

    ADMINISTRATOR COMMENT: I removed the first sentence in the last paragraph above. While I know it was offered tongue-in-cheek, it is inappropriate. I am reopening the thread and expect no one to repeat the mistake.

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    I've seen the protestors a few times, but I've always seen them holding signs that were against the wars. Next time I'll have to pay more attention to see what all the signs say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoldierForFreedom View Post

    [...] I chose to share my story here, for true Americans to marvel at. And for those of you that drive through Corvallis regularly and have seen the protestors, next time you see them, flip them the bird for me.
    Even if your remarks are intended as tongue-in-cheek, they violate the rules of conduct and posting on OCDO.

    We do NOT condone acts of violence and find your statements reprehensible.

    Locking this thread based on the above quote and reporting to the Administrator.

    Obviously this thread has been unlocked - I believe that is called a "2nd chance."suggest strongly that if in doubt, do not post it.

    Please reread the rules for OCDO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoldierForFreedom View Post
    <snip anger-laced rhetoric>
    To paraphrase, you were exercising your second amendment right, and you encountered a group exercising their first amendment right? Is all the colorful descriptive anger necessary?

    I suggest the following:

    1) Anger management courses

    2) A review of ALL of our enumerated Rights, including specifically the 1st Amendment

    that is all
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