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Thread: Holster for Ruger GP100 4"...?

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    Holster for Ruger GP100 4"...?

    I tried a Bianchi but contrary to what they claim on the packaging I find that the gun does not fit. The thumb snap doesn't fit over hammer. I am returning it and need an alternate.

    Must: Fit a 1.5" leather belt, have an active retention device
    Preferred: Leather, holds close to the body.

    For my Glocks I really like the Galco COP 3 slot. The Bianchi looks like a carbon copy of the Galco holsters, which is why I picked it. I have also used a Serpa but am not a big fan. It holds the gun kind of far from the body and I have heard about grip getting into the mechanism and locking the gun in place.

    So...whatcha got?
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