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Thread: is IWB considered OC?

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    is IWB considered OC?

    New to this site and to OC. I currently have a Blackhawk serpa to go with my new Glock 23. I don't have my CCDW yet and while I have never open carried before, I plan on doing so. I don't mind the serpa, open carry implies that people are going to see you carrying a firearm anyway; but I have a Blackhawk IWB holster as well and I was wondering if I could use that at times where I wanted to still carry legally, but less obviously. My understanding of the law (not a lawyer by any means, biochem student at UofL) is that so long as your shirt is tucked in behind the gun and the butt is visible it's okay. Can anyone here verify that or steer me in the right direction? Thanks!

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    Krs 527.020 carrying concealed deadly weapon
    1). A person is guilty if carrying a concealed weapon when he or she carries concealed a firearm or other deadly weapon on or about his or her person.

    As you stated above, the firearm is not concealed, it is visible.

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    Passive Concealment

    I've heard this issue debated alot over the past few years, some say that it is, some argue that it's not. All I can say is that while I do have my CCDW, I have NEVER been stopped or even questioned while carrying in an IWB holster (Galco Summer Comforter II). In fact, almost no one really even notices the gun at all unless they know I carry or they're looking very carefully.

    I practice something I call "Passive Concealment". What I mean by Passive Concealment is that I OC a black SIG P229 Elite Dark in a black Galco Summer Comfort 2 IWB holster and I wear black pants with it and usually a black shirt of some sort. With everything being black by virtue, the gun and holster generally fade into the black of the clothing and therefore while the weapon is OC legally, it is passively CC. Is this legal? Yes! The weapon is OC for all intents and purposes but being that everything is black and dark, it blends into the black.

    Would I advise others to do this if they don't have CCDW, not really. Though there are set laws and legally, it's in the clear, some LEO's like to try to make an example out of others and this could cause issues in those cases.
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