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Thread: Kenosha coutny considering posting all kenosha county owned buildings...

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    Kenosha coutny considering posting all kenosha county owned buildings...

    Ok, I heard this morning on Kenosha AM Radio 1050 (on the dial) that Kenosha county officials will be voting on an ordinance prohibiting Concealed Carry of any dangerous wepons that could cause death or sever crippling injuries.... Not Just firearms. On a brighter note, in the same brodcast, Sturtevant WI is talking about posting some locatins as "No Firearms Allowed" but (I beleive) the chief of police spoke out against it saying that if they post, without metal dector's, then only the law abiding citizens would not be carrying guns into posted locations...

    Sorry, I have no internet "Cites" on this info but will look later when I have time...


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    9/12 9:18 pm
    Panel backs prohibiting concealed carry in county buildings

    A Kenosha County Board committee tonight OK'd a resolution that would prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons in all county buildings.
    The measure, a response to the Wisconsin's new concealed carry law that takes effect Nov. 1., must now pass through the full County Board.
    For more on this story, check later at or see Tuesday's Kenosha News.
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    We are quickly finding out which areas have democratic city council members these days...

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