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Thread: CA Drops Murder Charge Because Shooter Might Have Acted in Self Defense

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    CA Drops Murder Charge Because Shooter Might Have Acted in Self Defense

    I thought this story was quite interesting.

    HAMPTON The Hampton Commonwealth's Attorney's Office on Monday dropped all charges in a 4-year-old pending murder case.
    Louis H. Haynesworth, 33, formerly of Lassiter Drive, had faced murder and gun charges in the July 2007 death of Rodann Lee Ford, 30, of Kecoughtan Road.
    The move to drop the charges came less than three weeks after Judge Wilford Taylor Jr. declared a mistrial just before trial.
    Taylor called the mistrial on Aug. 24 after several jurors were removed from a jury pool for saying they wouldn't have sympathy for a drug dealer such as Ford killed in the course of dealing. Several raised their hands to the question that such a drug dealer "got what he deserved.",3611304.story
    A law-abiding citizen should be able to carry his personal protection firearm anywhere that an armed criminal might go.

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    Four years is a long time to face a murder trial. That kind of stress would put me in an early grave.

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    If I recall correctly, it seems we have discussed here before that eligibility for "self-defense" goes away if you are committing a crime.

    This would seem to get fairly close to that line from the newspaper account, that the deceased approached the guy who was a known drug-dealer, to essentially somewhat forcefully ask him to expand his product line. (An offer he can't refuse?)

    Seems to me that it could have gone either way.


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    I was reading "CA" as "California", and thought WTF? The state of CA would go ahead and charge murder probably even if it was clear-cut self-defense!
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