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Thread: LA Times quotes's John Pierce

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    LA Times quotes's John Pierce


    Open-carry proponents say that the practice is harmless and that California lawmakers are pursuing an agenda to disarm the public.

    "There is no reason to do this other than a general dislike of gun rights," said John Pierce, a spokesman for, an online clearinghouse for the movement.

    He said no crimes have been committed in the name of open-carry advocacy in recent years as the movement has gained national attention. And he noted that activists have enshrined the right to openly carry firearms in Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming.

    If California prohibits the practice, he said, it will be going against the grain. "The national trend is exactly the opposite direction."

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    Very cool (about John). Unfortunately California just doesn't get. The only hope they have now is a veto by Governor Brown which seems unlikely. Not sure what it will take to change the political climate there. To those of you from CA: Keep fighting and don't give up!
    "When seconds count between living or dying, the police are only minutes away."

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