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Thread: Falsely identifying as law enforcement, how often does this happen?

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    Falsely identifying as law enforcement, how often does this happen?

    ATLANTA -- Police in Atlanta are hunting several suspects who posed as FBI agents Saturday to rob and shoot a man, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

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    This sort of thing happens alot more than you think. Last winter in Tacoma we had problems with people posing as police and city workers to gain access to homes belonging to elderly citizens. I don't know if they caught them or not.
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    How many here bother to ask for Department Issued ID when stopped at night for a "traffic infraction".

    Here you sit, alongside the highway with those flashing blue/red lights. "Someone" approaches you in the dark, shines a flashlight in your eyes, and requests/demands "License, Registration, and proof of Insurance". Yes, you can make out something that looks like a uniform (although nowadays it's usually a black jumpsuit) with all the "Cop Gear" attached, along with a shiny badge. Are you really SURE that this person is a Law Officer? Is that vehicle really a Police Car? After all, all you can see is that spotlight shining into your car and the flashing lights because it's night and they are essentially blinding you to any detail (which incidentally they count on).

    How many here have actually asked for ID before complying?

    These "imitators" count on the fact that almost nobody ever does.
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    It probably happens about every time some boob flashes one of those CCW badges you can buy for $50 in a magazine.

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