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Thread: Video - LEO: "He's got a gun!"

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    Video - LEO: "He's got a gun!"

    This is just funny. I was following links from the other thread and found it. During an MJ decriminalization protest and arrest, a LEO spots an OC'er and shouts, "He's got a gun! Right in front of you!" Another LEO grabs a brownish guy in a baseball cap and pushes him up against a light post and turns his back on the actual carrier who is dressed in a shirt and tie. The person pushed against the light post raises his hands and declares he doesn't have a gun and suppresses a laugh. The LEOs then engage the OCer about his right to carry. Much more peacefully, I might add. Actually, on second that, it's not so funny.

    Interesting stuff starts at about 4:55.

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    It was a little bit funny when they grabbed the wrong guy but the Cops should learn to keep their damn hands off of people. They have no more right to touch anyone than anyone else. Having a gun isn't a crime and hearing he has a gun shouldn't be reason enough to touch anyone at a peaceful demonstration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLittleMan View Post
    ...hearing he has a gun shouldn't be reason enough to touch anyone at a peaceful demonstration.
    I would add that hearing or seeing anyone with a deadly weapon is absolutely ZERO reason to intervene in their affairs, as we are authorized by our Constitution to keep and bear arms at all times, without infringement.

    Looks to me like they were on edge, but did a decent job.

    The more often local law enforcement is trained to realize those of us who carry might actually visit and train on our own ranges to a serious detail, sometimes more often than do local law enforcement, should indicate we're not some beer-drinking armchair wannabees, but that we're often well-trained leading into the situation beforehand.
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