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Thread: Kalifornia Kop admits armed citizens = less crime in Arizona

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    Kalifornia Kop admits armed citizens = less crime in Arizona

    Was watching vids about California open carry and found this...
    Jump 2:20 to hear.
    "I want to you to know this and on record…I absolutely agree with the second amendment. I go to places in Arizona where there is zero crime…and I know why."

    Interesting to see what will happen with AB144 banning open carry! Will CA OCers start OCing long guns?
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    Let's normalize the sight of everyday citizens OCing...Carry On!!!

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    them people just need to move out of that screwed up state...and thigh rig holsters? really guys? u cant stand out anymore can u..get a dang belt holster...dam californians ha jk almost better than snowbirds tho
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