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Thread: 3rd Fast & Furious gun; WA CPLs outnumber CeaseFire 69:1

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    3rd Fast & Furious gun; WA CPLs outnumber CeaseFire 69:1

    The big news for us in WA is at the bottom where I have new CPL numbers 9/19 and balance that against the TOTAL membership of CeaseFire.

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    BREAKING: Audio uncovered about 3rd Terry crime scene rifle

    CBS News has uncovered an audio recording of a conversation between an Arizona gun dealer and a lead investigator in Operation Fast and Furious that tends to confirm a third gun was recovered at the scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murder last December.

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    Folks you need to contact your federal legislators and ask for a special prosecutor on this, so it can be investigated with minimal political influence.

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    CPL Count

    Considering that roughly 25% of WA 6,724,540 people are under the age of 21, this brings the ratio of CPL holders to approx. 1 in 15. Consider that the next time you are in a room full of people. These are actually very encouraging numbers.
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