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Thread: Interesting Stay in Albuquerque Today

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    Interesting Stay in Albuquerque Today

    Driving to Texas, I am overnighting in Albuquerque tonight at the Fairfield Inn. I parked and proceeded into the hotel to check in. The lobby was quite a sight as it appears that the NRA National Police Shooting Champtionship is in town. It looked like 5.11 was having a convention at my hotel. Anyways, despite all the obvious stares, not a comment was made.

    Later, I was in the parking lot and checking my vehicle when two hotel security guards came by to see if I needed any assistance. Not a word was said about my sidearm and after sharing my surprise regarding the LEO presence, they just laughed and said everything is cool. Just one observation: With all the cops staying at the hotel, why the need for security guards? Oh, wait. I know... no obligation to protect!

    Anyways, I'm off again in the morning. I hope they don't sell alcohol at Denny's.

    Carry on!
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    Great to hear you didn't get messed with. Seems things are getting better all the time for OC in NM.

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