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Thread: NM CHL now recognized in 27 states

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    NM CHL now recognized in 27 states

    This actually happened in June, but it didn't really hit the news, so I'm letting people know about it.

    Arkansas and NM arrived at a reciprocity agreement, making for 27 states that recognize them. Now there are two official reciprocity agreements: AR and TX.

    More here:

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    New Mexico Reciprocity

    PracTac, as you point out on your website, a combination of NM and AZ permits opens the door to more reciprocity for those of us who travel regularly. I applied for (and quickly received) my AZ permit some time ago. For the benefit of others, all is required for NM permit holders to acquire an AZ permit is an application, finger print cards, $$$ and a copy of one's NM permit. A recent 3000+ mile trip and only one state, Illinois, didn't recognize my right to carry concealed.

    When NM DPS "unrecognized" Utah permits a couple years ago, they stated that they were in the process of entering into formal reciprocity agreements with other states. Two years later and it appears they have finally knocked one out. This is not exactly a blistering pace. At this rate...

    I had emailed the Attorney General in Ohio (a place I often travel) a couple years ago to ask why they do not recognize the NM permit, when NM recognizes the OH permit. I received a phone call within 20 minutes and the guy explained they were simply waiting for NM to sign their reciprocity agreement. In the meantime, my AZ permit has me covered.

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