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Thread: Washoe County buildings & vehicles/libraries

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    Washoe County buildings & vehicles/libraries

    can an employee carry on county prop? what about visitors?
    I see signs that say no firearms but I am suspicious about whether its like the DMV where the door says no firearms but
    they cite the NRS code that specifically relates to concealed.

    I was off duty as a security guard when I first moved to Reno a few yrs ago and was told I had to leave the library due to open carry, this was the main library near downtown on Center. I'm to broke to hire an attorney-anyone have any experience?

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    The county doesn't have the authority to make it's own firearm regulations. Per state law, a government building with a sign banning concealed carry makes concealed carry unlawful, but the signs do not restrict open carry, in my opinion. While many government organizations respect the law, other organizations like the Sherrif's office do not and will probably require a court case to stop them from trying to regulate guns where they have no authority.

    202.3673 - Restricts Concealed carry.

    County cannot make regulations:

    Note that certain places have gun bans per 202.265 (schools, universities, child care facilities) and there is a law regarding guns in the legislative building.
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