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Thread: any chance of a sparks/reno picnic before the winter comes?

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    any chance of a sparks/reno picnic before the winter comes?

    Seems like a good time of year, I missed the spring meetups but I have gotten my motorcycle fixed up somewhat.
    I'm still not making much money so restaurants are not an option for me.

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    When you got in mind? This Saturday is too soon, the following Saturday I will probably be in Utah, but if I'm in town I'll be there whenever you want to set it up.

    I'd also like to walk downtown Reno some evening before cold WX arrives.
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    A walk downtown one evening would be great. I would love to meet some fellow OCers in person. I always feel awkward OCing alone especially downtown. Weekends are not good for me but any evening during the week except wednesdays are good for me.

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