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Thread: First Annual SHTF1 Event, Saturday, Septmenber 24th.

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    First Annual SHTF1 Event, Saturday, Septmenber 24th.

    Join Coonan at Ahlman's for the First Annual SHTF1 Event, Saturday, Septmenber 24th.

    Some great prizes to be had, including a Coonan Type III FAL reciever and other Coonan gear.

    Welcome to the first annual "SHTF" shoot
    This is a theme based shoot taking place in a hypothetical end of the world scenario. The shoot will be based on several stations, each with a unique shooting challenge that the individual or squad must execute.

    Shooters are encouraged to dress up in full battle gear and equip themselves with a rifle, shotgun and pistol, as your survival depends on your flexibility and ability to adapt to achieve each mission's objective.

    The shoot will run from 0900 to 1700 with check in starting at 0830

    Wish I was closer, this sounds fun!

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    Thumbs up Holy shotshells, Batman!


    I just looked at the website for this event. It's at one of the biggest gun stores in Minn. surrounded by 93 acres of historical shooting ranges and various other entertainment venues. That is just an embarrassment of riches.

    Now that the mosquitoes have flown south for the winter I bet you can concentrate on your shots....

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