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Thread: GRNC at Concord

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    GRNC at Concord

    GRNC will be at the concord Gunshow and we will need help with the table. this is not only a good chance to help NC, but it is also a good way to meet other gun owners. you get to talk to people about guns and their rights to carry and how we need to protect them. i can think of a few better ways to spend a few hours. not to mention you get to see the gun show. the dates are sept 24th & 25th,

    contact, please let them know soon if you can make it

    also, i would like to know if anyone would like to have a meet and greet for either breakfast or supper in that area on sunday the 25th
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    I would love to be there but I will be out of town... FRICK!!!! Only if I would have gotten that refund insurance for my flight...

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