Recieved this from the SSAA National, this afternoon, thought I would pass it on for all to see. Very sad state of affairs this!

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Target shooting not part of Olympic Games ticket giveaway to children.

Claims that violent firearm crime is linked with target shooting have been used to back a decision that target shooting tickets will not form part of an Olympic Games ticket giveaway to schoolchildren. The West Londoner brought this decision by the Greater London Authority to light in August.

Statistics clearly indicate that target shooting is one of the safest sports around, and SSAA National is always quick to mention this to the media when queries are made about target shooting.

Interestingly, the news report also detailed that a £UK42 million shooting facility is being built for the 2012 Olympics and, strangely, will be demolished immediately afterwards.

Firearm laws introduced in the UK in 1997 make it virtually impossible to own a firearm, so much so that the Great Britain Shooting Team is forced to train in Switzerland because of the tough laws.