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Thread: A little irony

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    A little irony

    It was around lunchtime when I finished up my business over at the Lakewood PD yesterday, so I decided I would stop at the Chipotle just across the street from Belmar for a burrito. When I entered the establishment there were a few people waiting in line ahead of me. After looking above the counter and deciding that a steak burrito would be my order I heard the door open and close behind me. Naturally I wanted to see who was entering behind me and since I was OC I positioned my body at an angle so that I could put some distance between my holstered XD and the next person in line whomever that would be, knowing that they would likely be very close, almost too close with my back turned to them while waiting in line. Well lo and behold as I glanced behind me I immediately recognized the person as none other than Sergeant Mike (police can draw their weapons on law-abiding citizens going about their business do to officer safety) Greenwell. I thought to myself, "You must be kidding me." Then it occurred to me since the PD is literally right behind the shopping center it's not too unlikely that I would run into Lakewood's finest. I politely nodded to him figuring he would recognize me at least after noticing my 45 auto, but I don't think he did. He never said a word, more importantly he never drew down on me and demanded that I produce an ID!

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    If he didn't recognize you, I would've politley asked him why he felt the need to openly carry a handgun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokster View Post
    He never said a word...
    Probably scared half to death of loosing his job if he pulled another stunt like the one before.
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