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Thread: Nebraskan New to Open Carry

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    Nebraskan New to Open Carry

    Hello all my fellow OC members. I just found this board and love it so far. I have owned hunting rifles for years but just recently aquired a Handgun so I have been doing as much research on handgun laws as I can. This board has alot of great info. I live in Lincoln and have been OC at a friends auto shop with no problems yet. I plan to get my CCW permit in the next couple months when I can get the $. I havn't carried anywhere but my friends shop but I plan to. I am a OTR truck driver and spend most of my time in the Midwest. Well glad im here and hope to OC with you sometime.

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    Hello Saber379,

    I am not a Nebraskan but on their behalf I will welcome you to OCDO.

    Do you plan to carry OTR ? there is lots to learn about crossing state lines when carrying.

    Have you checked this out ?

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    Welcome aboard.

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