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Thread: Budget cuts could mean more early releases, closed prisons

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    Budget cuts could mean more early releases, closed prisons

    Dept. of Irony: Budget axe gets honed as Obama comes to town

    Critics of Barack Obama have been joking lately that every time the President speaks the stock market takes a nosedive, so it is with no small amount of irony that headlines in both the Seattle Times and on-line Seattle Post-Intelligencer are talking about $2 billion more in budget cuts looming, just as Obama heads for Seattle Sunday for some fund-raisers.

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    That's why I'm stocking up on a few extra guns, ammo and food. I've been seeing more criminals getting huge breaks then ever before. I hear them talking about how easy crime is in WA. It's a main reason we get so many on parole come here from states likes TX.

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    Wonder if they'll start by first releasing those serving out sentences for drug USE?

    More likely they'll just release the "non-violent" criminals. You know, the ones that only break into cars and houses stealing radios, tv's computers, etc.

    If there is any wholesale release of prisoners expect to read about a few ending up in the Coroner's office. Wonder if they'll have funds available for processing them then?
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