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Thread: "Second Amendment, Constitutional Values and Principles, Freedom & Liberty"

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    "Second Amendment, Constitutional Values and Principles, Freedom & Liberty"

    Joe Kalil will be making a presentation on "Second Amendment, Constitutional Values and Principles, Freedom & Liberty" on Wednesday, Sept. 28 in Kenton County. This presentation will be held at:

    The Independence Ky. Library
    William E. Durr Branch
    1992 Walton-Nicholson Road
    Independence, KY 41051

    at 6:00 PM. It should last about an hour and half. Proposed firearms legislation for the next session of the General Assembly will be discussed. Anyone who has an interest in these issues should try to make it. This presentation will be made and has been organized by Joe Kalil. Joe is the owner of Defensive Handgun Training LLC, is a former KC3 Board Member, a KY CCDW License Instructor & Trainer for other CCDW Instructors , NRA Training Counselor & Instructor, a Federal Flight Deck Officer & FFDO Firearms Instructor(this means he is a airline pilot certified to carry a firearm aboard a commercial airplane and to train and certify other pilots to do the same). In other words, he is the real deal. Joe has been a long time advocate for gun rights in Ky. Anyone who is interested in any of these things should try to make it. Joe is also a Boone County Constable. I have no idea how he does all of these things, he is a very impressive man and knows several Ky. legislators personally. When he talks they listen. I know it's in the middle of the week and may be a long drive for many, but I believe it will be worth the effort.
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    I won't be able to go, but I hope someone who is will be willing to record it for me. Video or audio... it doesn't matter to me. I would be most appreciative.
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