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Thread: Where can I buy a handgun under 21?

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    Where can I buy a handgun under 21?

    I'm 18 and want to buy a handgun. I live in Washington state. I can't buy from a dealer, so I have to go private sale. Can I have my mom or dad by me one as a "gift"? or would I have to find a private party? If anyone knows any good classifieds or anything I would appreciate it.

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    Where can I buy and handgun under 21?
    Well, most handguns on the market today are under 21. So, you're okay. LOL

    Ahem, sorry. If someone gives you one as a gift, you're okay. Here in Texas it's okay at least and most states that I know of. I CA I don't know. Everything's backwards there.

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    You could go to some gun shows. Often times there are private sellers who are walking around who may be willing to deal with you.
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    The answer to the question is in your state laws. Federally licensed dealers cannot sell handguns to people under age 21.

    This does not mean you cannot buy or possess a handgun in your state. Some states allow possession, but not purchase from private sellers. Others allow both. You just cannot purchase from a gun store (which means it's an FFL).
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    You might go to the WA forum on here and start reading posts by GreenIsFaster. He has researched the topic in considerable fashion.
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