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Thread: Taurus 608

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    Taurus 608

    I've been looking into different handguns. I'm been thinking of getting a .357 magnum because of the power and the fact that you can also shoot .38 special. Has anyone shot the Taurus 608? It's a 8 shot, large frame, double action, compensated revolver. I found one for under $500.
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    I haven't shot the 608, but, I have their 1911 and love it. You may want to check out for some information. It's not a Taurus run site, it's just a forum for Taurus owners to congregate and share information. I'm sure there'll be plenty of people over there who will have the first hand experience with this firearm you're looking for.

    Good luck in your hunt,

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    I have the Taurus model 605 .357 Magnum snubbie, and it is one fine revolver!

    Mine cost $329 OTD.

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