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Thread: Frazier International History Museum

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    Frazier International History Museum

    Hello, I visited Louisville, KY as a stop on my way to Indiana from Virginia. I decided to check out the Frazier (formerly Arms) Museum. I called ahead of time from the road and asked "Does your museum follow state laws and allow the lawful carry of firearms?" The woman replied 'Yes'. To which I asked her to confirm 'Yes' which she did. Great, I thought.

    I arrived at the museum with my 1911 holstered on my hip as it was throughout the entire trip. I pay for tickets and walk toward the exibit when I hear 'Sir...Sir' I turn around and a man asks me why I am carrying like that. I reply that open carry is legal in KY and that I called ahead of time and they said it was fine. He asks me if I would talk to his supervisor to which I agreed. (the first employee informed me that he CC's and thanked me for carrying openly) The supervisor was not as kind and told me I was not allowed to carry here 'like that' (openly). He said 'CC is fine, even if we know about it, I just don't want to see it'. He also said I was pretty much 'crazy' for open carrying in Louisville for the cops would give me trouble. I asked who the facility was owned by and I was told it was paid for by charitable donations and not owned by the city/state. I will look further into this. I eventually converted to CC and returned to the museum for the exibits. This was a situation I had not experienced before. I know I am going to receive some flak for not immediately leaving the museum but I had planned on CCing before I called which is what I ended up doing. I did have my audio recorder running but I don't have the cords/software to upload until I return home. I will keep you updated on further information and hopefully an audio clip.

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    The museum must flip flop on this topic kinda often...when I visited about two years ago the place wasn't posted against carry at all, best I could tell. It's kinda ironic, so much of the place is weighted towards the display of historical arms yet the experiences shared by Lincoln7 and gutshot indicate that the management of the place may be hoplophobic!

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