October 1st -- Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair.

South Bay Open Carry is calling for support from the Open Carry community.
I want to invite any of you to our Open Carry event Saturday Oct 1st. We are
running into constitutional infringements and can use all the support we
can get.

Many will meet at 233 Manhattan Beach Blvd and walk into the Fair from the west to avoid
the phony school zone. The pathway to the Fair will start at Manhattan Avenue at 18th Place.
Walk east from that location to the fair area.

The short story on what happened last year, SBOC was to attend the
Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, abiding by what the city of Manhattan Beach had designated as
school zones (American Martyrs 1701 Laurel Ave). At the last minute the city managed to convince
American Martyrs School to include a parish building that is not even on the same side of the
street. This buildng was confirmed to not be a legitimate part of the school by
fire prevention records. This was done intentionally to try to deter South Bay Open Carry from walking through 1/2 of the fair.

This year the the Manhattan Beach Police Department asked if we were going
to be attending the fair again, but only recently confirmed that the city
attorney would be firm on the school zones they set last year. We find
this to be an outrageous abuse of the already ridiculous school zones. It
is also interesting that they had a year to attempt to get that church
compliant to be considered a school and they have not done so. To my
knowledge, nothing about the church's status has changed and they are
simply claiming a school zone where none exists to prevent those with guns
from attending.

I hope that you consider helping in any way you feel you can. The more people are around folks that they know
are armed and can see are just good and decent people, the less of an
uphill battle we will have in all other arenas of gun ownership and carry
issues. For more information go to our Facebook Page (SouthBayOpenCarry)