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Thread: Is anyone in Boise attending this event?

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    Is anyone in Boise attending this event?

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    No, but, I will be attending this event...Open Carrying!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimd_21 View Post
    this is from the horses mouth

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    3. Frisking. Trust me, its a lot less fun than it sounds. While you do have the right to refuse a search (and you should), the officer retains the right to perform a frisk for their safety. In most scenarios, a frisk is a pat down of your body, checking for weapons. Most of the time, they need to stay out of your pockets unless they feel something that may be hazardous to them. If an officer decides to frisk you, be sure that you state very clearly "I do not consent to a search." All BPD officers carry recording equipment on them, and it is always running. You want what you said to be picked up by the mic. They may proceed with a search anyway, and if they do, say your line again, and just go with it. Struggling with them will only make it worse for you.
    *Another Side Note: Although this should be obvious its probably important to say it anyway. DO NOT bring your knife, machete, pipe, chillum, stash, or AK-47 to the march. That would be really dumb.

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