On October 11th, the Walworth County board is considering a ordinance that will require posting of county owned buildings.

Here's what I would ask people to do.

1. Write the county board. So far, I have found no email addresses. Their names are: Nancy Russell, Dan Kilkenny, Carl Redenius, David Weber, Jerry Grant, Joe Schaefer, Kathy Ingersoll, Randy Hawkins, Richard Brandl, Rick Stacey, Russ Wardle.
2. Write your the 3 state Senators that represent Walworth County, Senator Kedzie, Cullen and Lazich asking them to write the board opposing the ordinance.
3. Write the 5 state Representative that represent Walworth County, Representative Nass, August, Wynn and Loudenbeck asking them to write (or appear) the board opposing the ordinance.