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    new guy

    i was doing a search online today around noon and found this site . it interested me alot because i have been oc for quit some time and thats what i preffer even though i have a ccp . i live in rural north east missouri and even though its the country i dont see other people oc unless its hunting season . i own a towing business so im out all hrs working and i just put it on when i leave the house just like my boots lol . i live in a town of about 2500 people where i grew up and i can tell sometimes when people see my gun they get nervous . most dont know that oc is legal in missouri . i have read post on this site all day and i really like most of what i see . i will deff pass this on to all my friends

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    Welcome to OCDO.

    Get yourself over to the Missouri forum and catch up with what the folks are trying to achieve/accomplish in your state and join in at whatever level of support you think you can afford. (Yes, that was stolen from the PBS fundraising campaigns, but if it works for them it might work for us, too.)

    Hopefully folks will stop "getting nervous" when they see your gun and become concerned if they ever see you without it. One of the beliefs we seem to share is to normalize the fact that good folks going about their daily lives while carrying guns is no more dangerous than good people going around carrying cell phones. (You know, it just clicked in my head that more folks misuse their cell phones and cause injuries and deaths than do folks with guns. I'm going to have to come up with a better EDC activity to compare with OCing.)

    stay safe.
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