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Thread: Impromptue OC meet Monday!

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    Impromptue OC meet Monday!

    We had a great time at Crazy Erics in Belfair today!
    It is too bad my stuckup local friends were too busy to come...
    many old friends and new friends that came were...
    Badger Johnson, USA
    Pistolpackinmama, south carolina
    Pullnshoot25, california
    Since9, colorado
    Mcx, wisconsin
    Skidmark, virginia
    Jack House, texas
    We The People, oregon
    wcamike, canada
    cmdriceman71, michigan
    milproguy, mississippi

    and some others that ive forgotten the names of.

    unfortunately the food was cold and the ice in our pepsies was melted soooooo.
    their will not be any pictures either because the plywood nailed over the windows made it too dark for cameras.
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    no mention of A meet or I would

    Stuck up here !! no mention of A meet or I would have come (If you build it they will come) next time call me.
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