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Thread: ATF shake-up in D.C.

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    ATF shake-up in D.C.

    Shuffleboard at ATF while agency flacks scream ‘responsibility’

    Wednesday’s announcement of major transfers at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had been anticipated by this column for several days, but it is not going to take the attention away from, or the pressure off of, how much Attorney General Eric Holder knew, and when he knew it.

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    It's nothing more than the effort to can the long careers of many in an attempt to shake off the reality that the BATF is, politically, one of the most anti-American agencies in existence. When those folks are gone, however, those stepping into their shoes will say, "See? We've cleaned house!" while putting their shoulders to the very same grindstone, implementing the same draconian policies as before.

    It looks like Conan might have to kill the second snake. The first was redish, like a coral snake. This one's colored more like an anaconda.

    Yes, I'm watching the movie staring the Swartz. 1hr34m into it.
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