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Thread: McMaster University - Canadian gun control has no effect on homicide rate

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    McMaster University - Canadian gun control has no effect on homicide rate


    "No significant beneficial associations between firearms legislation and homicide or spousal homicide rates were found," reads the abstract on the study . . . To be published in an upcoming issue of the peerreviewed Journal of Interpersonal Violence, the study took historical statistics on Canadian firearm homicides and compared them to three key pieces of Canadian firearms legislation. . . ."

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    The point is made throughout the article that gun control laws don't work.

    A very strange quote from the "other side" in that article:

    A 1993 study from the New Jersey-based Centre for the Study of Suicide found that "restricting easy access to lethal methods of suicide may assist in reducing suicide."

    Excuse me! Are there any non-lethal methods of suicide?
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