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Thread: Need an OC holster for PK380

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    Need an OC holster for PK380

    Just got my wife a Walther PK380 to OC (Momma bear has claws, and they go 1000 fps!) we picked up a Fobus paddle holster that fits the firearm well, but after a few hours of wearing it she found it uncomfortable. The paddle portion is rather long (my wife is sorta petite) and tends to dig into her hip/thigh when sitting. I think I can cut it down and sand/file the edge to be a more comfortable length and feel, but I was wondering if any of you have one and your suggestions for OC holsters for it.

    I use a Blackhawk Serpa for my OC but they don't make one specifically for the PK380. I think the dimensions are close to a Glock 17, but I don't want to drop $50-60 and get the firearm stuck in the holster.
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    You pay $50-60 dollars for a Blackhawk? You are getting ripped off my friend. If you can make it out to the Dulles gun show this weekend there are several holster makers there who would be willing to make a custom holster for her while you wait. The prices were anywhere from $30-80 bucks. They also have a wide selection of pre-made holsters available.
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    A Galco OWB holster for a Glock 26 fit's the pk380 like a glove.

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