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Thread: Intruder in neighbors apartment.

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    Intruder in neighbors apartment.

    Tonight a badguy was in my neighbors apt. He had the guts to talk to the 11yr old boy and say "whats up". Needless to say, he then ran out when everybody was awake. I then told my wife and mother, this is why I am armed. To protect my family. All my neighbors see me open carry all the time. I might expect someone to start asking more questions from me. Hope all are safe and take care.


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Patriot View Post
    SNIP... I might expect someone to start asking more questions from me...
    I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

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    It would appear that no one was hurt, thank God. The fact that you open carry and everyone knows that you have a gun may be a factor in why your apartment wasn't targeted. I hope your neighbors will ask questions and take responsibility for their safety.
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