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Thread: Los AngelesTimes quotes's Mike Stollenwerk re open carry ban bill

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    Los AngelesTimes quotes's Mike Stollenwerk re open carry ban bill,2027056.story


    Reporting from Sacramento— Gov. Jerry Brown announced early Monday that he had outlawed the open carrying of handguns in public in California, a controversial practice that top law enforcement officials had denounced as dangerous.

    Clearing his desk of final bills sent to him by the Legislature, Brown signed the ban into law after it was backed by Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and other law enforcement officials throughout the state.

    . . .

    The measure drew national attention.

    . . .

    Opponents of the Portantino bill, including Mike Stollenwerk, co-founder of the group, say the new law is an attempt to undermine the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

    "California already has the most convoluted and confusing gun laws in the country," Stollenwerk said Sunday night, predicting that the ban "will result in mass confusion by police and the public as to what the law is, and prosecution of well-meaning people."

    . . .
    See's Press Release expressing disappointment at Governor Brown's action at
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