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Thread: victorville to redlands

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    victorville to redlands

    Let me start off by introducing myself. my name is kyle and i am the proud owner of a 92fs. i am excited about the idea that i can open carry for the short time that is left if this bill stands. i live in the high desert and work in the redlands area and am looking for other people who would like to go with me just for the fact that id like to make new friends who do the same and the support of a group instead of walking alone. i have read and watched videos on all the rules and regulations. i am also pretty on key of what to say and not to say. if anyone would like to join me though i would appreciate the support seeing as how i havent gone through a 12031 e check yet. thank you

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    in different sub-forumsMultiple posting of the same information is not permissible generally.

    Would have moved this to the California sub-forum, but in that you have already posted this there I am simply locking this one.

    Please read the OCDO rules.
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