I don't know if this is worth posting, but I had an interview with CBS47 and it went off without a hitch (horray).

The reporter was nice and attentive (aren't they all?) but seemed genuinely interested in the idea that those without sufficient income may be unable to attain CCW permits thus open carry was being denied to them as a legal alternative to CCW. Less so in the legal potential for cases like Ed Peruta (always pulling for you Ed).

At the very least it means that the reporters still bother talking to open carriers about how AB144 makes us feel and what we want to do about it..."write your governor if you feel poor people should be able to defend themselves like rich people, blah, blah, blah". And it is nice to get some coverage besides the big 'rah rah' meetups, even if it is in the face of horse-hockey like AB144.

Well I probably shouldn't say that before I see the actual report, but I hope they come through with a fair coverage.

Anyone else got any news of local coverage of AB 144, and how the issue was framed?