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Thread: Detained by description

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    Detained by description

    Interesting case, just happened last night, features one of the subjects we frequently discuss here: reasons for being detained.

    In this case, it appears the detainee may be the right guy, he'll get his day in court, but I noticed the wording in the newspaper article and thought it was worth posting.

    One interesting thing... what is "a short distance away" to you? In this case, depending on where in the shopping center he was found, it's almost 3/4 of a mile, as Google draws the route by road, at least half a mile straight-line. In a downtown city setting, that doesn't seem to be a short distance to me. Just curious.


    Idlewild resident held in Fredericksburg slaying


    Brunell was taken into custody about 10 minutes later and charged early today.

    [Police spokesperson Natatia] Bledsoe said Brunell was walking in the Fredericksburg Shopping Center when law-enforcement officers spotted him. He was detained because he matched the description given by a witness at the scene, which is just a short distance away. The knife used in the stabbing was also recovered, police said.


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    Anyone watch Brain Games?

    The show Barin Games on National Geographic Channel did a show on eyewitness identification the other night. All the witnesses identified the wrong man. The one they identified as the perp was actually one of the witnesses to the crime not a participant in the crime. And none of them identified the perp that was in the line up.

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    About 3 miles per hour for an average, non-motivated walk, right? At that rate of 3mph....
    = 1mile@20 minutes...
    = .5 miles in 10 minutes, probably not too far to consider.

    If doing a normal 'quick time' march for the military, then ....
    30 inches * 120 paces/min * 60 mins = 216,000 inches (18,000ft)
    18,000' / 5280 = 3.4 mph
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