The city of Fond du Lac is considering posting all their buildings. They have not yet made a decision. Among the interesting quotes as reported in the Fond du Lac Reporter ( ):

From the fire chief:
If someone has a weopon we would not transport the patient to the hospital.

So now law obeying citizens need to worry about not getting proper emergency medical care in the Fond du Lac area.

And from the library director:
The person was going to strike the library worker with a very large book.

Since someone was threatening a library worker with a book he wants to ban legally carried weopons. If the weopon of choice was a book why does he not ban books in his library.

Criminals have all the advantage. We feed them. We clothe them. We house them in exclusive gated communities with full time security. Give them free medical, dental, vision and Psyc care. And now THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS want to make buildings safer for them.