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Thread: Bowling Pin Shoot Wakefield, VA 11/05/2011 9am

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    Bowling Pin Shoot Wakefield, VA 11/05/2011 9am

    I posted this because another poster (can't remember who) asked about using a pistol caliber carbine at a pin match.

    Bowling Pin MatchSetup starts at 9:30
    Match starts at 10AM.
    The Bowling Pin Match is normally held on the 50yd range and it will be closed to regular use until the conclusion of the match.
    Bring your pistol or pistol-caliber carbine out and enjoy some fast and fun shooting with us.

    5 November 2011
    9:30am - 1:30pm

    Check their website for answers to any questions you may have as I've never been.
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    Rescheduled to 10/16.

    See new thread:
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