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Thread: Greater Richmond OC Breakfast Sat 10/15/11 - 9:30ish @ RCD, Parham Rd @ I-95

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    Greater Richmond OC Breakfast Sat 10/15/11 - 9:30ish @ RCD, Parham Rd @ I-95

    Grapeshot said he was going to post but has not gotten around to it yet. Here we go again - back at the old stand.

    Speed41ae will be talking trash at the VCDL table instead of at breakfast. Peter Nap may stop by for coffee before going to the fun show. I'll be sitting at the VCDL table for the afternoon shift to digest breakfast. Plans for gawking at Occupy Richmond and scaring the hippies at the Folk Life Festival may be on the discussion agenda.

    stay safe.
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    Been running long and hard all day -just landed within reach of a computer.

    RCD = River City Diner for any of those new to our breakfasts.

    Is going to be a busy week-end. May have to check out the Folk Festival.
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    I might stop by again (with the little guy in tow once more) really depends on when he feels like catching a few zzz's. Only thing I didn't like last time was that the high chair was on wheels and he kept kicking himself away from the table even though I had my leg wrapped all up around the thing.

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    I'm leaving in a few minutes so I should be in town by 8:30 or so.
    I'll stop by.
    I'll probably kick myself for not hunting...It's finally cooling off.

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