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Thread: Bardstown Police, Louisville Zoo and Henry Co. Courthouse All in One Day

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    Bardstown Police, Louisville Zoo and Henry Co. Courthouse All in One Day

    I had an interesting exchange of emails with the Police Chief of Bardstown that I thought might interest all of you. I found out he was a Louisville police officer (now retired), past President of the Louisville FOP, then appointed U.S. Marshall for the Western District of Ky. and now Chief of Police in Bardstown.

    I sent the following email:

    Chief McCubbin,

    I'd like to commend you and your officers on the professional way you handled my visit to the City of Bardstown City Council meeting last night. Even though the city has posted signs prohibiting weapons in that building you and your officers seemed to understand that policy was unenforceable. You reacted exactly as a law enforcement officer should react to legal activity that had the potential to become dangerous. You placed yourself in a position to react and closely observed the situation. You neither harassed not attempted to intimidate me. This is as it should be. I am sure the presence of me and my legally carried firearm was not welcomed by everyone. However, the statutes are clear and the courts have supplied numerous cases as direction for us all. Most notable of those cases is Terry vs. Ohio. I am certain you are very familiar with it. I have learned a little about your experience. It is extensive and you career is to be respected.

    I am not a resident of Bardstown or Nelson Co. and I hope I will not be visiting Bardstown again, but, sadly, based on the reactions I observed from some of the city officials at that meeting, I, and others, may have to return several times. If that does become necessary I hope, at some point, you and I can have a cordial conversation. I hope my presence and actions do not cause any undue distress for you and your officers. I desire no problems for any of you and I assure you my action will always be safe and lawful. My only consideration is that the polices of the City of Bardstown also be lawful. I realize that your considerations must always be the safety of those you are sworn to protect. Doing that within the confines of the law and the constitution is a delicate and difficult balancing act.


    :His response was

    Hello Gutshot,

    Thank you for contacting me and letting me know your impression of the Bardstown Police Officers and our city. I appreciate, from the criminal law part of your issue, that you too remained calm and professional in getting out your sure makes my job easier! Our officers do understand that open carry is certainly a legal activity and many times when we respond to a similar situation we are doing so due to "public alarm" and once we determine that the person walking down the street does indeed have a weapon, in the open, our only goal is at that point is to determine that the person is of sound mind ( we certainly cannot have a nutt AND a gun!) and we thank them for their cooperation and move on.

    Speaking ONLY from the criminal law part of this, what I advised our media when I was questioned is that you gentlemen did nothing illegal and were well within the law and your rights to open carry. I also advised them that the legal arguements were not of concern and thats what the lawyers do, but that I fully supported the position that you and your organization stand for regarding this issue.

    If you are in town I certainly would gladly meet with you or any of your group, schedule depending, any time. Please contact me if you desire to do so via information on our website

    Rick McCubbin
    Chief of Police
    Bardstown Police Department
    212 Nelson County Plaza
    Bardstown, KY 40004

    I had a very productive Friday. I first stopped by the Louisville Zoo and looked around. No "No Guns" signs of any kind in sight. I had heard about possible preemption violations at the Jefferson Memorial Forest in southern Jefferson Co. I was on the way to Knob Creek and pulled off the Gene Snyder at Fairdale and stopped by to see what was up. I went into the "Welcome Center" and there was a sign on the door that read "No concealed weapons allowed on these Premises". I went inside and asked the young girl at the reception what "Premises" meant. She didn't know, but offered to call her boss. Her boss didn't know, either and asked her boss. The answer came down in a couple of minutes and it was the right answer. It only applies to buildings. I don't like the wording but don't think it was worth an argument. Earlier I heard Mandy Connell doing a commercial on WHAS for a gun store in J-town, Lotus Gunworks.
    I went back to J-town and went to Lotus and talked to the owner of the store and told him about the problems we have at the Henry Co. courthouse and that I had sent it to Mandy and got no response. I asked if he would call her and ask her to take an second look at at it. He said he would be glad to do it. The rest of the day was all machine guns. Lots of fun. I'll be back there again tomorrow.

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    I don't know how I've overlooked this thread.

    I spoke with Chief McCubbin as I walked out. He seems like a reasonable man.

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    I read the story on INGO about the guy at the zoo.
    All I can say is pure BS. I'd sue also.
    Easy fix for this is more people need to OC more often.

    Makes me wish I was smarter back when CCPD downtown made me take my pistol to my car.

    After we moved to KY and they require you to take a class I opted for OC. No permit needed.

    Trying to talk the wife in to moving to Alaska.

    BTW Nice site with lots of good info.

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    I have thought of open carrying in Gamaliel and Tompkinsville here in monroe county, I talked to the police in Tomkinsville and they told me it was my right and they would respect it. I don't know how the people if any would get involved how the police would handle that, I open carry here at my home and around where i live but its a very rural area. I have never open carried in a town around alot of people, around where i live guns are a everyday sight and so is shooting them. thanks

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