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Thread: Powersite, MO 68-year-old woman shoots a burgler!

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    Powersite, MO 68-year-old woman shoots a burgler!

    BG: "I've got a gun, I'll shoot you!"
    Woman: "I've got a gun too!"
    Woman: "I believe that when you point a gun at someone, you are prepared to shoot."
    Dont have a text version of this story, but the video is great!

    Unfortunately, she entered her home where a burglary was in process, which is NOT what I would suggest to do. However, if she had stayed outside, she could have easily been shot when the BG realized that he was not alone.

    EDIT: Found the text version and realized that it was from June... oh well.

    Quote Originally Posted by|head
    A Powersite woman is safe and sound, according to family and law enforcement, after shooting an armed man in her home Wednesday.

    The alleged burglar, however, was taken to a Springfield hospital with a bullet wound to the chest and is facing criminal charges, according to a press release from Taney County Sheriff Jimmie Russell.
    Danny Waggoner Jr., 24, of Harrison, Ark., has been charged in Taney County with first-degree burglary, first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle, and armed criminal action, according to Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell. Waggoner was taken to a Springfield hospital on Wednesday.
    An alleged accomplice, Courtney Simpson, 21, also of Harrison, is charged with first-degree burglary and first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle, Merrell said. Simpson was in the Taney County Jail as of Thursday afternoon on $75,000 bond.
    Powersite resident Ron Melton confirmed by phone that his wife, Peggy Melton, was the person who walked in on the crime and shot Waggoner. Peggy Melton was unavailable for comment Thursday afternoon.
    According to court documents, Peggy Melton returned home just before noon to find her front door unlocked and the interior in disarray. Melton, who has a concealed carry permit, took out her handgun and looked through the house. Documents said she confronted Waggoner in one of the bedrooms where Waggoner, who also had a gun, threatened to shoot Melton, the release said.
    Melton shot Waggoner in the left side of the chest. Waggoner asked Melton not to kill him, fled the house and got into a truck where Simpson was waiting for him, court documents said. Melton fired a total of three shots, the Sheriff's release said. Waggoner and Simpson drove away in the truck.
    The truck was located at the end of Shore Drive. Deputies located the couple getting a ride from an area resident, the documents said.
    Following an investigation, the sheriff's office found that the truck, a 1999 Ford F150, had belonged to a Harrison business and was reported stolen on Monday. Merrell said the use of the stolen truck in the act of a crime is what led to the tampering charges.
    According to court documents, Simpson told officers Waggoner had knocked on the Melton's door after the truck overheated and needed water. When nobody was home, he went to the back of the house, entered the home, brought out several items and placed them in the truck. Simpson said she remained in the truck.
    Melton's husband, Ron Melton, said he was operating a brush mower in the field during the incident. All he saw was the truck leaving.
    "I'm proud of her," he said of his wife. "He said he was going to kill her but she shot him."
    The sheriff's office did not give any information on Waggoner's condition and Russell could not be reached for comment Thursday.
    Merrell said he did not expect any charges to be brought against Melton.
    "Missouri law is pretty clear that the homeowner was acting well within her rights, at least as I read the incident," Merrell said.
    Glad to see their views on Missouri law... and that Missouri law enables someone to enter their home while is is being burglarized and be able to act in self-defense.
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    Quote from video: "I estimated where his chest would be and I shot him through the door..." Great job Mrs. Melton!


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    Don't be a victim.

    Another nice quote from Mrs. Melton. "Don't be a victim. There is no reason for a woman to be a victim."
    Good attitude!

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    Well worth repeating: Do not be a victim. We can't control that 100%, but we can certainly make a huge dent in the stats.
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