Good job for the citizens who were able to help capture this BG! Especially glad since he was using a gun in order to intimidate and force the clerks to give him what he wanted.

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A citizen helped police track down man who likely robbed a pharmacy on Springfield's east side late Friday afternoon.

Around 4:00pm police were called to George's Pharmacy in front of the Sam's Club at Sunshine and Highway 65 where a man displayed a handgun and ordered everyone on the ground and then sped away with stolen goods on a dirt bike.

A couple just arriving at the pharmacy told KY3 the suspect almost hit their car when he made his escape on a dirt bike. They say after employees told them what happened, they followed the bike at a distance east on Sunshine out of town and called 911.

When police and deputies caught up to him, he tried to escape through a field. There was a minor collision between a Greene County deputy and the suspect on his dirt bike on Royal Drive. The suspect then took off on foot. He didn't get far.

"Oh, it was absolutely a great outcome on the part of not only the citizens' help, but also both agencies, Springfield and Greene County working together and getting this individual apprehended," says Lt. Roger Moore with Springfield Police Department.

Police are investigating to see if Friday's suspect may be connected to a robbery earlier in the week.

On Wednesday, a man carrying a gun and wearing a motorcycle helmet and gloves surprised an employee of the Medicine Shoppe on Boonville Avenue, at Division Street. The employee had just arrived to open the business.

The robber demanded money and drugs. After getting some of each, he fled on a dirt bike.

The employee could tell the robber is white, but that's about the only description available. The dirt bike has the number 44 on the side of it, and the man wore a multi-colored helmet.