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Thread: Night Sights What Color

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    Night Sights What Color

    Start with something easy for a monday morning.

    What color are the best or what do you like for nights sights?
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    i have all green mepro lights on my g27 wich are nice and bright but they all blend in at night. on my g23 i have green front and orange rear sights. i like this as the front sight stands out at night and its easier to get the sight pitcture. thats just my preferance, others my very.

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    I prefer at least the green up front.

    Science has proven that humans see green better than red. Interesting read (forgot where).

    That being said, the duo-tone as mentioned above can also work. I just picked up new sights for my XD9, green all the way around. I have a red fiber optic sight on my .44 revolver, but still like the green better and want to change this out.

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    Having eyes as old as the rest of me is a disadvantage. It also encourages both research and practical experimentation. The advice you are about to receive is based on olde pharte eyes, so adjust as necessary.

    Yes, green is the easiest to see, but be careful of how much you put out there at the far end of the barrel. Those great big green glowing balls are nice, but they can overwhelm both your eyes and your ability to see everything that is going on beyond them. Test to see if you run into the situation or not.

    As for what to put at the back end? Orange costs more than yellow, but shows up better. Red in small size can either not show up or look too blurry. The best theoretical setup I have seen is a green dot out front and an orange dot in the back - stack then up green on top of orange sort of like the Heinie Straight-Eight, but literally green resting on the top of orange instead of the gap for the rear sight notch.

    Hope this helped.

    stay safe.
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    I like green on the front, and nothing on the back. At night, all I want the sights for is to provide confirmation to me that I've indexed the gun and am pointing it in the right direction.

    I've done low light, no flashlight, experiments and find the back sights just confuse me.

    Re red/green, as we get older, a man's eyes lose sensitivity to red light. The old adage about red light being best for night vision was debunked 30 years ago.


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    the green light being easier to see in the dark seems to make sence. Every night vision scope, bino, or camra ive ever seen have all been in green. Never thought much of it though. Thanks for the convo to get me thinking.

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