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Thread: "Packing Heat on Your Street Act" H.R. 822

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    "Packing Heat on Your Street Act" H.R. 822

    The opposition is a "squeaky wheel", even if they are misinformed.

    Let your representative know where you stand GOA makes it easy.

    The problem with America is stupidity.
    I'm not saying there should be capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?

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    The requirement for photo id is tyrannical.
    Don't believe any facts that I say! This is the internet and it is filled with lies and untruth. I invite you to look up for yourself the basic facts that my arguments might be based upon. This way we can have a discussion where logic and hints on where to find information are what is brought to the forum and people look up and verify facts for themselves.

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    It seems that the Brady Campaign has lied so much it doesn't know how to tell the truth. I'm not for National Reciprocity, but only because it should be left to the states.

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    Thanks for the link.

    But this thread needs to be merged with all the others about HR 822.

    stay safe.
    "He'll regret it to his dying day....if ever he lives that long."----The Quiet Man

    Because stupidity isn't a race, and everybody can win.

    "No matter how much contempt you have for the media in all this, you don't have enough"

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