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Thread: Hunter safety video. Near fatal shotgun mistake.wmv

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    Herr Heckler Koch

    Hunter safety video. Near fatal shotgun mistake.wmv Sent me by my orthopedist.

    Thank goodness I learned to hunt - and hunter safety - at Uncle Fred's knee. Some people are just too dumb to survive let alone hunt.

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    Lots of controversy on this one, as a lot of people think it's fake because of "jumping" frames, or because of the gun stock "vibrating" like it's rubber when it goes off.

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    Herr Heckler Koch
    IT guy says not that he can tell. Ran it on his fancy video editing software and monitor and could see nothing suspicious.

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    Not only is it fake, it's not real...
    The first 2 shots and his breath produce significant condensation as it is obviously cool outside. The fake "shot" produced no visible recoil and very little if anything coming out of the barrel. It is almost as if the video was cut and pasted together from a different day. One sequence with him looking down the barrel and another of the shotgun going off a different time.

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    it's all cool, 'sallright............since he did so bad at hunter safety, he's going to use it to get his CC permit.

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    I saw this on another forum. It is fake. The way hit hat flew off was from CO2 or compressed air blowing on his face. Also notice the lack of powder burn on his face.
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    While the video is clearly fake, the idea behind it is not that far-fetched.
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    Totally fake. The audio and video don't line up. The echo of the shot I'd perfect on his first shot and delayed on the second. I don't think so. Makes a good point but is fake.
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    Gets the point across.

    Same for this video:

    Here's another hunter video:

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