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Thread: the next david pyle?

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    the next david pyle?

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    Hundreds of rounds of ammo?! This book that is ranked #109,532 on amazon?! Yawn.

    What qualifies as anti-government literature anyway? Is there a list that police have? If so, can somebody post it so I can pick me up some of that? The only thing in this story that qualifies as a crime is having a gun on school grounds, and that's assuming this guy doesn't have a CHL. Otherwise he had weed on him, which in this state isn't a big deal, but having weed on campus is probably an actual crime. The weed and gun is a federal no-no I believe. Overall a story about a guy who got caught doing stuff that didn't harm anybody but is illegal for some reason.

    Also...SPOILER ALERT FOR "ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC"!! Highlight below for it.

    The sniper in the book? He's a government agent staging a false flag event to encourage the government to clamp down on gun rights.
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    "criminal history includes" and they list ONE stupid stunt with a BB gun when he was 15. You KNOW if there was anything else violent they would have most definitely put that in there!!!!

    Let's see what would they find in MY house, vehicle, or on my person? Everything they found in his except for the marijuana, the fuse, the bullet proof vest, and "hundreds" of rounds in my car (I only carry 41),

    However, the "military rifles" would be modern, black, and scary...along with a camoflaged one, thousands of rounds of ammo in the house, multiple novels about snipers and even "The Complete Sniper Manual".

    On the other hand, the gun in the glove box along with intoxication and an ounce + of marijuana doesn't bode well for this guy. But how the hell did they get a NO BAIL hold when they had let him out for 5 days after the initial bust and he'd done nothing to justify their fears?
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