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Thread: Milwaukee area Bar owners consider conceal carry options

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    Milwaukee area Bar owners consider conceal carry options

    What Complete Morons ! Liberal sheeple Bar owners SUCK !

    This will come back to bite them in the pocket book, a few bars will advertise CCW friendly and make alot of money.
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    Yes, so many states have issues with people drinking and carrying...
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    Exclamation No guns = no money

    This is an ideal time to print out NO GUNS = NO MONEY cards and make sure bar owners understand that their paranoia will cost them revenue. UT Law allows bar and club owners to post no firearms signs, but I have yet to come across a business that has actually done it - at least for very long.

    Make it clear to Wisconsin Bar Owners that a NO WEAPONS ALLOWED sign is the same as NO DEER HUNTERS ALLOWED and all this nonsense will straighten itself out in short order.
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    I love the comment on the bottom of the that article where the guy asks the question of "If you don't trust them to carry a weapon then how can you trust them to NOT drive home drunk after legally serving them liquor".

    Most of the people quoted in that article are going to miss out on a lot of business by this. Anyone want to get into the bar business with me?

    Next thing you know bars wont allow any uniformed police officers into bars anymore, since they can't seem to get out of there cars lately without shooting themselves.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpm84092
    Make it clear to Wisconsin Bar Owners that a NO WEAPONS ALLOWED sign is the same as NO DEER HUNTERS ALLOWED and all this nonsense will straighten itself out in short order.
    That will work in most of the rest of the state, but not Killwaukee or Madistan.
    Not enough hunters around here to make an effective lobby.

    Or maybe, as with the jewelry store, there will be enough people who object to their rights being restricted that the economic impact will be fairly evident & quick. I'm more interested in restaurants that might post, places I'd like to go spend my money but won't be allowed to.

    Then again, once bars start getting robbed after advertising they're a victim disarmament zone, and once they have to pay out after a few lawsuits for not protecting people, maybe they'll change their minds.

    Of course, long gun carriers are already allowed in bars. (The law even says they can't be materially impaired while in possession, but plenty of them get drunk anyway.)
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